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The advantages of galvanizing

Moderate initial cost and long-term protection

Compared to other steel protection technologies, hot-dip galvanizing offers maximum corrosion protection efficiency at a competitive cost and, depending on the aggressiveness of the operating environment, ensures a long, predictable service life of the parts protected in this way, with no maintenance or repair costs.


To optimize the galvanizing process, Dual Man provides free expert advice from the design / tendering phase to meet the customer requirements, a competitive price, and a predictable result of the technological operation.

Galvanized products are used in a wide variety of applications and environments with varying degrees of corrosiveness. Dual Man can provide an increased zinc layer thickness on request so that parts can withstand longer in highly corrosive areas.

The Durozinq® system

ZINQ SYSTEM DUROZINQ® is a hot-dip galvanizing system for durable surface protection, patented by a Belgian-German consortium and used to protect more than 1 million tons of steel worldwide every year.

Since 2005, Dual Man has held the franchise for Durozinq® technology – Germany in Romania, through which we provide our customers with hot dip galvanizing services guaranteed to European quality standards (EN 1461 and DAST).

This ensures that the products are galvanized within the parameters of high-performance technology while the raw materials are purchased from international, guaranteed suppliers, market leaders, and primary producers of raw materials.

Dimensions of the galvanizing vat: 12.5 m x 1.6 m x 2.6 m (L x W x H)

Parts up to 14.5 meters long can be galvanized in double-dip galvanizing.

Capacity: max. 35,000 tons per year.

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