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Dual Man designs, manufactures and hot-dip galvanizes various models of metal poles with multiple uses and in a wide range of models and solutions. Dual Man’s lighting products are durable and functional, combining aesthetics and cost efficiency.

Poles for public lighting

Our production capabilities allow the fabrication of the following types of products in this category:

  • tapered metal poles with circular or polygonal cross-section up to 30 m tall for outdoor lighting (streets, motorways, parking lots) or for supporting traffic lights and/or traffic monitoring systems, antennae;
  • metal poles for outdoors lighting designed for supporting solar panels and related equipments;
  • tubular metal poles made of pipe or bent metal sheet for supporting the contact wire for electric transport (railroad or urban).

Decorative poles

We supply ornamental metal poles according to the client’s order (we mention projects in the municipalities of Băneasa, Brașov, Sf. Gheorghe, Constanța, Sinaia, etc.). We also execute metal structures for carrying lighting garlands and festive decorations made to order according to the specifications of the local councils.

Floodlight masts

We design and execute galvanized polygonal poles for floodlights with heights up to 30 meters, including various access systems to the top (with ladders with basket or cable, inside or outside the pole) and fixed or mobile supporting structures at the top for the lighting fixtures.