for metal

Established from 1991, the companies of the Dual Group have consistently
centered their evolution on always adapting to an increasingly competitive
business environment and to an ever more informed and selective market.

The Dual Portfolio

Dual Man, the central company in the Group, specializes in the design and fabrication of metal products and structures, with the competence to undertake the entire manufacturing cycle, from conception, engineering and design of structures, to prototype testing, to organizing the fabrication setup, to the actual execution of the primary parts, fabrication of components (full machining and welding), all the way to assembling and complex verification of the products: dimensional measurements, checks on integrity and anti-corrosion protection, as well as structural strength controls. Our products are intended both for the domestic market and for export (chiefly to the European Union and the associated countries), being used in a range of applications, such as industrial parts and structures; telecommunications, railway and road infrastructures; lighting systems; warehousing solutions; metal structures for constructions; cabinets, containers, shelters, etc.

Performance through quality and expertise!


In over three decades of uninterrupted industrial activity and sustained investments, Dual Man has successfully completed thousands of projects of various degrees of complexity. Here are just a few examples.
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