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Industry relies on small, medium or large metal components of high precision and quality. Dual Man can also cover complex assembly and mounting services.

With decades of experience of continually providing products and services to leading partners in Romania and abroad, the Dual Man team has the capacity and expertise to largely meet the needs in the industrial sector: special machine tools, welded/machined housings and assemblies for various industrial equipment, railway bogie components, metal infrastructure for equipment in various industrial branches.

Metal furniture for industrial, logistics, and office premises

Dual Man has a wealth of experience producing a wide range of metal furniture for urban, industrial and warehousing use. We differentiate ourselves through our flexible adaptation to the customers’ specific requirements and the quality/complexity of the products designed and manufactured.

The types of furniture we offer include, among others:

  • Metal cabinets (filing cabinets);
  • Lockers;
  • Filing cabinets with drawers;
  • Tables and workbenches;
  • Safe deposit boxes;
  • School desks;
  • Mailboxes;
  • Telephone booths;
  • Litter bins;
  • Stations for public transport;
  • Shelves of any size, fixed or mobile, for various loads.