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Dual Man offers large-scale structural steel solutions and products for constructions. In addition to rectangular building structures, we have the capacity to execute and mount structures with complex, irregular and high-precision configurations.

Dual Man disposes of all the required resources and competencies for realizing safely and at high quality levels complex steel structures for constructions. We have the required expertise to undertake with professionalism one-of-a-kind works. We also ensure a close cooperation between the architect, engineer, contractor and fitter to optimize the technology solutions and adapt them to the client’s requirements.

Our specialized teams are qualified to carry out on-site installation of the fabricated structures:

  • On-site mounting of metal structures for buildings, facades, skylights or domes;
  • Execution of foundations for towers, monopoles, poles, portals, and road cantilevers;
  • On-site mounting of telecom towers and monopoles, portals or road cantilevers;
  • Execution of grounding and beaconing works for towers;
  • Execution of civil works for telecommunications sites;
  • Mounting and installation of equipment shelters, including the related foundations.

Industrial workshops and commercial buildings

In cooperation with our project partners, Dual Man executes complex works related to steel structures for industrial workshops or commercial buildings of any size, based on the documentation and in observance of international quality standards.

We offer an integrated approach to all aspects of the construction project of various steel structures such as halls, warehouses, office buildings, industrial infrastructure, etc.