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Dual Man provides solutions and products for the road infrastructure based on our own designs developed to the specifications of the client, with the rigorous observance of applicable norms and regulations regarding their constructive dimensioning and quality. We can execute a wide array of products for the road infrastructure: posts for traffic signs and traffic lights, cantilevers and portals for vertical signaling, lighting poles, posts for solar panels and traffic monitoring devices. Dual Man’s products for road infrastructure combine functionality with aesthetics at a competitive cost. We target both the domestic and the international market. In the last decades we gained a rich experience and our products can be seen along most national roads and motorways in Romania.

Lighting poles

Dual Man manufactures, based on our own designs:

  • Tapered metal poles with circular or polygonal cross-section up to 30 m high for outdoors lighting (streets, motorways, parking lots) or for supporting traffic lights and/or traffic monitoring systems;
  • Metal poles for outdoors lighting designed for supporting solar panels and related equipments;
  • Tubular metal poles made of pipe or bent metal sheet for supporting the contact wire for electric transport (railroad or urban);
  • Ornamental metal poles (projects in Băneasa, Brașov, Sf. Gheorghe, Constanța, Sinaia, etc.).

The poles can be jointed by fretting or with inner or outer flanges and can be provided with cable routes and access ladders (basket or cable). On request, we design and execute fixed or mobile systems for supporting lighting fixtures, with access walkways and resting platforms, solutions for secure access to the electrical and control equipment.

Structures for road infrastructure and traffic safety

Dual Man executes, based on its own designs according to the client’s technical specifications, metal structures for road infrastructure: cantilevers and portals for directions panels, posts for supporting traffic lights and/or traffic monitoring equipment.

The main products in this category are:

  • Portals and cantilevers for signposts and VMS for motorways and roads;
  • Metal poles for outdoor lighting (streets, highways, parking lots, enclosures, warehouses, intersections);
  • Metal poles for outdoor lighting adapted to support solar panels and related equipment;
  • Metal poles for supporting traffic light systems;
  • Metal poles for supporting monitoring cameras;
  • Fences separating roadways from pedestrian access zone.