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Services of structural and technological engineering and design

Dual Man provides engineering and design services for the metal structures we produce through a specialized high-performance department with a wide experience in the field: steel structures with their foundations, metal products and welded assemblies.

The solutions that we offer are specifically designed to be fully executed with our production capabilities, using state-of-the-art technologies both CNC and classical machines. We cover a wide range of operations: cutting (laser, plasma or oxygen), bending sheets and profiles, stamping, pressing, rolling, spinning, turning, milling, boring, grinding, thread-rolling, drilling, welding by various procedures.

Our products are protected against corrosion by powder coating, liquid painting and hot dip galvanizing, all to the highest professional standards.



Our production is organized in 4 specialized units / workshops, each equipped with machinery and technologies fit for the specific processes performed:

  • Structural steel and poles factory
  • Metal parts and products factory
  • General mechanics factory – machining and assembly by welding
  • Hot-dip galvanizing plant

Liquid painting and powder coating

The manufactured parts can be protected against corrosion by powder coating or liquid painting. Dual Man offers its customers free advising services so they can choose the best solution for their projects with regard both to the painting method and the materials employed, taking into consideration various factors such as the environment where the products are to be operating, the number and size of the parts and their desired aesthetic appearance.

Powder coating yields high production performance for small and relatively thin parts and it can give the surface of the product a wide range of colors, textures and glossiness. Parts up to 3.5 meters long and weighing up to 100 kg can be coated.

Liquid painting (for parts up to 16 meters long) offers corrosion resistance tailored to the customer’s needs, using a large variety of primers and paints with specific characteristics professionally selected by our experts.

Both types of coating can be applied on black or hot-dip galvanized surfaces to confer an additional degree of corrosion protection, as well as improved aesthetics.


Logistics services

On request, we offer our customers logistics and integrated delivery management services using a variety of options: railway, road, maritime, air – with the support of our specialized partners, so that our products arrive at destination in due time and in perfect state, whether in Romania or abroad. We can also store finished products and ship them according to the customer’s schedule.