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Dual Man provides solutions and products for telecom infrastructure projects, being one of the most experienced regional suppliers of lattice towers, tapered and polygonal monopoles, shelters, simple or modular containers, racks, enclosures, catenary components and other products as requested by our customer. We also execute complete sites on a turn-key basis. The quality and behavior over time of our products are guaranteed thanks to our design and manufacturing/hot-dip galvanizing capabilities, based on our extensive experience working with major national and international mobile network operators. All the solutions of Dual Man are flexible and matched to the development and growth needs of our customers.

Lattice towers and monopoles

Throughout its history, Dual Man executed close to 2,000 telecom towers and gained a rich expertise in the field: sites by the seaside to the top of the mountains, with classical foundations or location specific foundations, up to 135 m tall.

Our partners and clients have the choice from a wide range of constructive solutions and designs in a turnkey approach, with the whole work under a sole responsibility.

We produce and execute, among others:

  • Self-supporting lattice towers with triangular and square cross-sections, made of laminated or bent angle bars or pipes, up to 150 m tall;
  • Guyed lattice towers with triangular and square cross-sections up to 200 m tall;
  • GSM-R towers for railway telecom infrastructure;
  • Pipe monopoles up to 40 m tall;
  • Polygonal monopoles of bent metal sheet up to 40 m tall with mounting on buried foundations or on above-ground foundations ballasted with concrete blocks and connecting frames.

Dual Man’s services include reinforcing telecom towers using a patented, high-performance solution appreciated by the customers.

Containers and cabinets for telecom equipment

We design and produce modular shelters and containers for traffic control, telecom and power equipment, including types CE and GSM-R.
The containers are designed for housing railroad safety equipment and installations, for electronic control and GSM-R telecommunications. They are conceived in a modular structure, containing one or several modules that are rapidly assembled on site.
We design and execute cabinets, racks and metal structures to contain equipment for power, telecoms, traffic control and signaling. Dual Man routinely designs and produces various types of racks and enclosures based on our own designs developed to the customer’s specifications or based on their designs. They made of from black or galvanized steel sheets, stainless steel or aluminum, are powder coated or liquid painted and have various degrees of airtightness and corrosion protection, according to specifications agreed with the client.