Resources. Structural Steel and Pole Factory


The factory specializes in the manufacture and assembly of welded mechanical structures.

A wide array of welded mechanical products are being manufactured here: lattice towers and monopoles for telecoms antennae, metal poles for lighting and traffic lights, gantries and cantilevers for traffic signs, strength structures, skylights and outer skins for buildings, platforms, gangways and steel structures for industrial applications, specific machinery sub assemblies etc.


The structural steel factory operates high output CNC technology for plasma and oxi-gas cutting and bending steel sheets up to 12 m long, as well as for cutting, machining and bending tubes and profiles also up to 12 m long:
– CNC Plasma&Oxi-gas cutting machines up to 12 m length;
– CNC bending machine up to #13 mm and 12 m length, 6-axes control;
– CNC bending machine up to #7 mm and 8 m length, 6-axes control;
– CNC stamping machine for thick steel sheets;
– up to #25 mm and Ø30 mm;
– Combined CNC machine for cutting and piercing profiles up to 18 m long;
– Profile bending machine, 2-axes control;
– Semi-automated linear welding installation;
– Horizontal press 300 tf Stierli;
– Hydraulic presses of max 100 tf.


The welding processes are one of the core competencies of DUAL MAN.
Welding carbon and stainless steels and aluminum by qualified processes is executed by authorized personnel, at high quality standards, both in manual and semi-automatic, automatic mode.
The main processes used are:
– MIG/MAG welding with electric arc in inert/active gas with tubular electrode or tubular wire;
– WIG/TIG with Wolfram electrode;
– electric welding by pressure points;
– bolt welding.


The protection of surfaces is achieved either by hot dip galvanizing in the dedicated plant of DUAL MAN or by shot-blasting followed by liquid painting. These latter operations are conducted in specially fitted enclosures using adequate materials, equipments and technologies.

The maximum dimensions for the products to be painted are: L = 13 m, h = 3,5 m, l = 5 m. The maximum dimensions for the products to be manually shot-blasted are: L = 9 m, h = 3 m, l = 3 m. The parts longer than 9 m se are shot-blasted on an automatic tunnel installation with a maximum section of h = 0,45 m, l = 1,5 m.