Resources. Sheet Metal Products Factory


The sheet metal products factory specializes in the execution and assembling of products and parts made of thin metal sheet (#1÷4 mm) in regular or stainless steel and aluminum, with production organized by lots for small and medium batches.

Among the specific products of this factory we list: cabinets, shelters, containers, racks and enclosures for electric or telecom equipments, ventilation towers for the cellulose industry, sub-assemblies and parts for railroad signaling, storing systems, modular shelves for archiving, carriages and transporters for package handling and other postal logistics products, filing cabinets, lockers, other types of metal furniture.


To manufacture the range of products above, the factory operates machines and technologies specialized in the machining, assembling and finishing thin metal sheets and tubes:
– CNC LASER Cutting Machines 3,2 KW (max. # 20 mm);
– CNC stamping machines (max. # 6 mm, Lmax = 3 m, lmax = 1.5 m);
– CNC bending machines in 6 axes (Lmax = 2.5 m);
– Roll CNC roller table (max. # 20 mm, lmax = 1.5 m);
– CNC spinning machine (max. Ø2.2 m);
– 2D, 3D pipe bending machines;
– Mechanical and hydraulic presses (max. 200 tf);
– Automatic and manual painting line in electrostatic field;
– MIG / MAG welding systems, TIG / WIG;
– Passive stainless steel installation;
– Sealing gasket machine.


The welding processes are certainly one of the core competencies of DUAL MAN.
Welding carbon and stainless steels and aluminum by qualified processes is executed at high quality standards, in manual or semi-automated regimes by means of high productivity equipments.
The main processes used are:
– MIG/MAG welding with electric arc in inert/active gas with tubular electrode or tubular wire;
– WIG/TIG with Wolfram electrode;
– electric welding by pressure points;
– bolt welding;
– exothermic welding (copper-copper, copper-steel).


Product finishing normally involves the protection of metallic surfaces by painting in the cabin, with powder paint in electrostatic field. The technology and materials employed are fit for powder coating hot dip galvanized surfaces. The maximum dimensions of the products that are powder coated on the semi-automatic line are L = 3,5 m, h = 1,2 m, l = 0,75 m. The technologies and the the materials are appropritate for powder coating the hot dip galvanized surfaces. A special area is prepared for powder coating the parts that exceed the overall dimensions accepted by the line.