Resources. Processing and Mechanical Assemblies Factory


DUAL MAN is listed among the producers of special machine tools and mechanical assemblies and subassemblies, having acquired over 20 years of expertise in this field, and by its activity, the general mechanics factory supports the manufacturing of these products with a workforce specialized in precision machining of parts and structures, as well as in executing assembly and mounting works.

The factory has produced over time a wide variety of assemblies and sub-assemblies with different destinations,involving precision machining with high performance machines and complex assembling and mounting works, performed by specialized and experienced teams: special on-site machine-tools for industrial maintenance, equipments for metallurgy, special welding equipments, equipments for heat treatment.

Furthermore, the general mechanic factory also executes parts and components for the railroad domain, in compliance with strict precision and quality requirements.


To execute the products above, the factory operates high performance equipments for machining metal parts, as well as high precision measuring and control apparatus:
– CNC boring and milling machines for parts of up to 6,000×1,500×1,000 mm (LxWxH);
– CNC milling center for parts up to 1,700 mm long;
– CNC lathes for parts up to Ø400 x 1500 mm;
– 3D measuring equipments;
– Round and flat grinding machines for parts up to 2 m long;
– Precision boring and piercing machines in coordinates;
– Full range of conventional machine-tools for all types of processing;
– Horizontal hydraulic press-breake.