Machine-tools for special applications

A work group was constituted at DUAL MAN dedicated to the design, engineering and fabrication of special machine-tools conceived so as to be easily transported and to allow “on-site” machining of large parts and of those that cannot be dismounted.

This is a solution that reduces significantly interruption time at the final customer and results in sizeable savings in repair costs. This solution is frequently applied in industrial maintenance in the power generating industry (hydro-, thermo- and nuclear power stations), in metallurgy, petrochemistry, mining, shipyards, auto-motive industry etc.

The engineering team of DUAL MAN has over 20 years of experience, materialized in the design and fabrication of a whole range of machine tools.

  • Reaming beam Ø 80 mm
  • Flange cutting machine Ø 8,500 mm
  • Reaming machine Ø 150 mm
  • Portable milling 3,200 mm
  • Tube cutting and chamfering machine