About us. History

Established from 1991, the companies in the DUAL Group have permanently adapted to a competitive business environment and to an increasingly informed and selective market.

The development of the firms in the DUAL Group was based on promoting solutions and products responding effectively to the ever wider range of requirements of our customers. The actions of the Group DUAL companies were supported by investments oriented towards state-of-the-art technologies and equipments and complemented by a continuous process of creating inside the companies a culture of professionalism and responsibility.

Over the years, the companies of the DUAL Group acquired a rich and varied professional experience, conceived and realized a diversified range of products and works and participated, as general contractor, subcontractor or supplier, to numerous large infrastructure modernization projects in dynamic fields of major economic impact: telecommunications, auto-motive industry, constructions, transportation, logistics and storage, industrial maintenance.

The DUAL Group developed with its domestic and foreign partners flexible, open, creative and, above all, target-oriented business relations, establishing itself as a trustworthy and efficient partner, with more and more products conceived and manufactured in the Group being integrated in projects performed worldwide by companies of international stature and fame.